David Helmers is a thinker. I wanted to create a dialogue between fantastic and performance art. Video, sound and design have been important attributes of this performance and installation. Approximately sixty five million years ago a big sidereal rock with a diameter of 10 kilometers, consisting of minerals and metals, was passing by house at an incredible speed. This meteorite referred to as Chicxulub hit the earth close to Merida, Mexico, presently often called the Yucatán. The meteorite left a crater with a diameter of 200 kilometers and diminished all the things that got here in its solution to rubble and ashes. What once was an enormous place lively now grew to become a wasteland of destruction. The air was stuffed with harmful gases and contaminating space particles. Large sea waves devastated the coasts, and tens of millions hectares of forest had been misplaced. These extreme phenomena finally erased seventy … Read more

7 pupil musicians from South Excessive School in Downers Grove have been chosen by aggressive audition to take part within the 2020-2021 Illinois Music Schooling Affiliation All-State Bands, Orchestras, and Choirs. Inkwell – symbolized damaged guarantees. If on the desk of a saint, it represented martyrdom. We’re all artists. This work by Michelle Xen is part of a brand new collection of video, performance and sound, during which sonic-visible fields are created and remodeled over time. Utilizing mild, video, stay vocals and breath, a collection of video monochromes evolve over the course of the performance from the actions and sounds within the room. The discoveries relating to the utilizing of electricity precipitated the Second Industrial Revolution. Electricity ran by cities like blood in the veins in human bodies, changing dashing, invisible electromagnetic waves into sounds by means of coils and shaping electromagnetic soundscapes of the cities. There’s an interactive installation … Read more